Enter the world of pain

Sex shouldn't define love.

Gender shouldn't control attraction.

Image shouldn't create hate.

Friendship shouldn't be a door.

20 oktober bday party


almost my bday partyyyy!!!!

li'm like so exited.

Raiyel,andy,maurice,maroucha,rené,chris and frank are coming and i'm sorry thrilled..

and i just heared that Robin & Bobo (robin) are coming too.. omg i've missed them soooo!

and i'm gonna see them again

maroucha is gonna spend the night at my place.

I'm soo happy..

I love herr n__n

well that was the good part of my day.. but there's something that isn't that good...

i'm in a fight with kaylee.. AGAIN T___T

blegh... she's just jealous because i've got other best friends that just like mean the world to me..

But she doesnt believe me when i say that i love her..

Ah well.. she can just get the fuck out of my life

if she's smart, she will tear apart my broken heart

if she's not, she's the only thing that i got 

i know what it's like to be in love and lonely. Verlegen

Doctor Doctor.

Today i've visited the docter..

First i thought it wouldn't be that bad..

but i have to take 3 pills a day to get better !

like omg..

and even when i feel better...

i still have to finish the whole cure!

i hate docters...

i kinda miss my friends on school...

But yeah.. i'm here at home listening HIM xD

there's nothing wrong with that...

Well.. i'm gonna get another pill...

and then watch a movie called 'The Omen'.

It's actually my favorite movie Lachend

So, have a nice day or something like thatOnschuldig


-xxXxx- Gabi×HIM 

[ oh and a URL link to my favorite VILLE VALO picture: ]

Ville Valo <3

almost my bday



im so exited..

almost my birthday party.

hope my daddy doesn't ruin it !!